Mayor Martin J. Walsh Said People Were Jumping From Their Windows Into Snow Piles

The old past time event of sledding has evidently been replaced in the city of Boston. Bostonians have come up with a new way to have fun in the snow. They are jumping out of their windows into huge piles of snow. Some adults are even jumping from rooftops and landing in these massive mounds of white stuff.

Boston has been hammered by several storms the last several weeks. The city has 7 ½ feet of snow on the ground, and another storm is on the way. The all-time record for snowfall belongs to the 1995-96 winter season, but if the weather pattern doesn’t change soon it looks like this year will be a record breaker.

Not everyone in Boston is having fun. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows there’s no place to walk unless you walk in the street. If you drive the chances of having a wreck have increased dramatically, thanks to old man winter. There’s a parking ban in place around the city, and if there isn’t a ban on a street, residents are using spot savers to protect their precious parking place.

The mayor also told city residents that the fire department is on hand in case of an emergency, and the city is providing shelter for about 500 homeless people.