Igor Cornelsen had the reputation for being a champion investor. His investment work today is done essentially as a hobby, but he is still committed to making the right decisions when it comes making money.

Cornelsen once managed some of the largest financial institutions in his native Brazil. Though his work was international in scope, he concentrated primarily on investing in Brazil, which has developed into one of the world’s largest economic powers. His leadership during the financial crisis of nearly a decade ago allowed some Brazilian banks to make a profit despite the worldwide downturn. His guidance in the field has also allowed other investors to be more successful in their long-term investments.

One of the guiding principles in the advice provided by Cornelsen is for investors to steer away from companies that are in poor shape and instead concentrate on damaged stocks. He is confident that inexpensive stocks will become profitable over time. He also advises that anyone who is considering an international investment first learn about the nation in which the business is based and the various laws and restrictions in place there.

Having retired from his banking post in 2011, Cornelsen currently owns the Bainbridge Investment Group. He also serves as an investment consultant. He equally divides his time between Florida and Brazil, and devotes much of it to playing golf, which is his other passion. However, he has still not totally removed himself from his passion for the world of international finance, offering others the kind of advice that made Igor Cornelsen an investment champion.