Whitney Wolfe Herd is taking the bull by the horns when it comes to app development. She has certainly created a new way for people to build better app technology, and it appears that there is a whole new way for people to engage in better app technology. So many people have become fans of the world of dating apps because they don’t want to go to any club any more. This is certainly the case with all the singles that tried apps like the ones that were created by Whitney Wolfe Herd. She is changing the structure of the dating app environment, and people are embracing what she is doing because it looks different from anything else that has been done before.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is definitely making her name known when it comes to dating apps, and this is not the only area where she is excelling. Whitney Wolfe Herd is also finding her footing when it comes to helping people when it comes to their networking circles. She has even hired women that have worked as executive recruiters to help her sort out what it takes to create a great networking app.

People have certainly been able to generate a great amount of interest in what Whitney Wolfe Herd is doing because she is taking on all aspects of social media. She is not going to limit herself to a single dating app environment. She is not going to be limited by a networking environment alone. Whitney Wolfe Herd wants to embrace all of these aspects because she knows that this can possibly lead to more advertising dollars and help her lead the way as a social media Queen.

Forbes Magazine has already put Whitney Wolfe Herd on the cover of the December issue for the magazine, and it appears that there is a billion dollar valuation for Bumble as this app continues to grow. People are excited about this app because it doesn’t look like everything else that is out there. In fact, this is exactly what Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted. She needed an app that would not look like everything else that was on the scene. She dared to be different, and this has worked to her advantage. Whitney Wolfe Herd has been able to excel because she has taken the time to truly create something that looks new and exciting. Millennials are interested in trying Bumble out because it looks new and appealing and more