The recent partnership between the Brazilian government and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development to make concessions is a move that has been warmly welcomed by the private water sector. Anticipating this drastic, but necessary change, Felipe Montero Jens sought after Edison Carlos, President of Trata Brasil, seeking his opinion on the matter. Carlos explained how important the move is especially in the mobilization of essential resources and a foreseen improvement in the administrative and structural sections of the water sectors as Jens noted.


State organizations perform an estimated 70% of the 90% of sanitation services rendered by the public. Carlos states that the involvement of private firms should act not as an independent body, but rather a complement to the already familiar government services. He firmly believes that the private sector has so much to gain from experience garnered by the governmental institutions that it would be absolutely absurd not to form a mutually beneficial partnership.


This partnership will also correlate with the BNDES action plans that are unique to the particular areas of interest. The bank will receive vital resources from the private firm to prevent water wastage, hence making all its operating areas serviceable. He also noted that though the moves seem promising, areas like costs, modes of operations, and citizen’s needs are still subject to debate.


About Felipe Montero Jens


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