2015 has been a monumental year for Bruce Jenner. In April of this year, Bruce Jenner came clean to the world, and he told Katie Couric that he will soon be transforming into a woman. The news startled many, but Bruce Jenner appears to have been struggling with this life-long secret since birth. After he came clean to the world, Bruce Jenner received a ton of criticism and hate. His own family was very disappointed with him, but it now seems that everyone has accepted the new Bruce.

It was recently announced that Bruce Jenner will be featured on the cover of Vanity Fair, and he will appear on the front page of the magazine as a woman according to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on the New York Post. Annie Leibovitz will take the pictures, and Bruce Jenner will be seen for the first time as a female. Kardashian fans are extremely excited to see what Bruce Jenner finally looks like as a woman.

PeopleMagazine recently published an article that features much more information about Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover. It should also be noted the Bruce Jenner will be the first transgender person to ever grace the cover of Vanity Fair. People worldwide are calling Bruce Jenner a brave human being for revealing his deepest secret.