The President of End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller. She has already worked as the deputy political director with the campaigning arm of the Senate Democrats. Hence she is well experienced and qualified for this position. She has disclosed to the media that End Citizens United is going to play a major role in the 2018 midterm elections. They are still looking at various races in order to examine which ones they would be supporting in 2018. A few of these have been finalized already. These include the one in Ohio that will be defended by Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown. Another is the one in Montana which will be defended by Democrat Jon Tester next year.

The name of this group is based on the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010. This was known as the Citizens United decision. It allowed union as well as corporate donations. These are used during the candidate elections. This has also led to the launch of super PACs. These are now allowed to raise as well as spend unlimited and undisclosed amounts.

End Citizens United is operating as any other traditional PAC. It is not allowed to accept donations that are more than $5,000 in value from any individual donor. Hence End Citizens United has a donation cap. Still, in 2016, its fundraising managed to move it to the top ranks of the groups that are aligned with Democrats and have spent during the elections last year.

End Citizens United is known for its aggressive fundraising. This has been possible only through grassroots activism as they collected political cash.

The spokesman of End Citizens United is Adam Bozzi. He has claimed that the group has managed to build more ties to various campaign-finance groups. He has given several examples in order to strengthen his claim. He said that End Citizens United has collaborated with nearly two dozen groups in order to urge those Republican senators who have received donations for their elections campaigns. These have come from Betsy DeVos and her family members who are very wealthy. She has done this in order to ensure that they vote for her when she gets nominated as the Education secretary by President Donald Trump.

All this led to the Senate voting 50-50 in order to confirm Betsy DeVos. This was when the tie breaker was voted by Vice President Pence in her favor.

End Citizens United is mainly focused on ensuring that the Citizens United decision taken by the Supreme Court in 2010 is rolled back. This has led to the inflow of huge amounts of black money into the political system as lots of super PACs have come up. Besides, it allows undisclosed amounts of money to be used for election campaigns.

This is why End Citizens United is trying to get those Democrat candidates elected to the Congress who can stand for these finance reforms. It has already managed to raise $4 million during the first quarter of this year.

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