Sadly, Michael Jackson, one of the greatest entertainers of all time, is dead. This has been difficult for millions of his fans to accept. Fortunately people who love and miss the king of pop and would like to see him perform one more time have a viable option. Sergio Cortes. Cortes is the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world today. Seeing him perform is the next best thing to seeing Michael Jackson himself. Cortes looks, moves, and sounds like Michael Jackson. Plus he has an innate understanding of how to get the crowd stirred up. Simply put, Sergio Cortes is a star.

Performing in front of large crowds of Michael Jackson fans is nothing new for Cortes. Large crowds of people have long been flocking around Cortes to watch him mimic Michael. Sergio Cortes has looked like Michael Jackson his entire life. Plus he has been mimicking Michael’s moves ever since he learned to walk. In Barcelona, Spain where Cortes was born and raised, he has been a celebrity ever since he was a pre-teen because of his ability to impersonate Michael Jackson. People came from all over Spain to see him dance. As an adult he is a master of his craft.

There are a number of things that make Sergio Cortes the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. First, he just naturally looks like Michael. His facial features, his hair, and his body type look exactly like Michael’s. Secondly, Sergio Cortes can really dance. He has been practicing Michael’s dance moves for so long they are now like second nature to him. What Cortes has that no other impersonator can match is the ability to mimic Michael’s mannerism. After decades of practice Cortes stands, walks, and moves just like Michael. It’s something he has practiced since childhood.

Sergio Cortes’ innate understanding of what it takes to engage and entertain a crowd is another thing he has developed because he has been entertaining people for so long. Like Michael Jackson, Cortes was a child star. All those years performing in front of crowds has taught him many things. He uses all of those things when he takes the stage as Michael Jackson. All these things put him head and shoulders above all other Michael Jackson impersonators. If you want to see the next best thing to Michael Jackson, see the impersonator that Michael Jackson himself once hired. Sergio Cortes.