Running a company successfully as a woman in this male-dominated corporate industry may seem harsh, but it is what Susan McGalla makes it look pretty easy. She has successfully run many companies in her career and has ensured that the companies she manages not only enjoy higher revenue but also enhances its market reputation. It is because of her extensive management and business development policies that target income along with marketing, sales, and other aspects that combine to make an enterprise successful.

Susan McGalla believes in women empowerment and wants more women to follow their dreams into the corporate world. She thinks that if women want to achieve great heights of success in the corporate world, they would have to start by getting a high-quality education. Susan McGalla did her Bachelor’s in Art from Mount Union College and started working right after the college. Susan McGalla says that it is essential for the women to understand the importance of education and ensure they complete it. Susan says that with the help of the school, women can uplift their position in the corporate world.

Susan McGalla says that the enterprises these days should be focusing on making their recruiting policies more diverse because as per the surveys, companies have well proportionate men and women employees have shown better performance. Susan McGalla says that while the glass ceiling problem is there undeniably, things are changing for good with time. And, to accelerate the rate at which the words are changing, more and more companies should adopt the policy of having a mentor for women at work. It would help the heavily invested women at work to get the direction and motivation to move ahead in the right direction. It would also help the women to feel more confident at work and know whom to fall back upon during tough times.