Residents and businesses alike all use cleaning services, and the reason they need the services is to help them keep their places clean, especially when they are unable to do it themselves. Those who have a home that needs to be cleaned are very likely to get Handy’s cleaning services, but many don’t realize that businesses can use these services as well. Anyone who has a business that needs to be cleaned can hire Handy workers, and several workers can come out if necessary to get the job done. Businesses tend to pay a lot of money to get their buildings cleaned, but that’s not necessary with Handy.

Anyone who has a business can create an account on the Handy website to have a worker or several workers come out to their location. According to, a business that wants to create an account will do it just the same way as a person who owns a home would do it, and they are allowed to get any services that Handy offers. Although most businesses will want their buildings clean, those that need painting services, moving services, plumbing services and more can also call on Handy. It’s even possible to combine different services and have different Handy workers come out the same day.

Since Handy has enough different services to cater to both businesses and residents, many businesses may choose to make Handy their primary cleaning service, especially since some other cleaning services may charge a significant amount more than Handy does. Handy even has delivery services that can deliver furniture from IKEA and have it assembled at the same time, which can prove to be a great service for a business as well as a residence. Everyone should take advantage of Handy when they need services for their business or home.