Fabletics Activewear, a company owned by Kate Hudson, is making waves as the new affordable fitness wear brand on the market. For ladies who lead an active lifestyle and like to look stylish while doing so, Fabletics may be the answer to your prayers. What’s great about Fabletics is that it doesn’t come with the high price tag like other brands such as Lululemon and North Face.

This company prides itself on offering affordable outfits that are still made of high quality, breathable material. Unlike many workout apparel stores where you have annoying salespeople following you around and trying to get you to buy random add ons you don’t really need, Fabletics has a much friendlier and non invasive approach to their sales.

Instead of hassling you with unwanted items, they send you recommended apparel options on the first of every month which are based on your workout preference and style. No one tries to force you to buy anything. Pretty cool, right?

What’s even better, is if you become a VIP member, you get free shipping on all of your purchases as well as a reduced $25 price for your first workout outfit! There is really nowhere else you can get a full 3 piece outfit for $25. VIP members receive a nearly 50% discount on their purchases, so a typical 3 piece set will ring in around $50-$60. That’s a great deal! Also, if you order an outfit and realize once you’ve tried it on that it’s not really vibing with your style, Fabletics allows a 30 day free return policy with no questions asked. Fabletics offers a wide array of bright and colorful outfits that make a mundane workout seem a little more exciting. The clothes are breathable yet supportive, and they really make you feel sexy and fit when you’re working out.

While the site is mostly geared towards women, they actually have a section for men as well that offers just as good of a selection of workout gear!

The three piece styled sets make excellent gifts for those active family members in your life.