While many entrepreneurs come and go, others sustain their success through a variety of means. A determination to not fail, work harder than the competition, and always be on the lookout for the next innovative idea are just some of the ways the most successful entrepreneurs have one triumph after another. Such has been the case with Brad Reifler, who by having unprecedented success for more than 30 years as an entrepreneur and investor has established a worldwide reputation for excellence and innovation.

From his first business venture Reifler Trading Company to his current position as founder and CEO of Forefront Group, Brad has always maintained that it takes patience, perseverance, and innovation to make any company successful. As an entrepreneur for the ages, he has managed to take ordinary ideas and turn them into extraordinary ones. For example, one of his greatest accomplishments occurred while acting as the CEO of Pali Capital, yet another of his successful companies. Over the course of more than 13 years, Brad constantly developed sales strategies and business plans that were considered far ahead of their time. While dismissed by some, Brad’s ideas eventually led to his business earning more than $1 billion in commissions during his tenure, which was considered a number that simply would never be reached. However, by always maintaining a cutting-edge outlook on his business, Brad showed exactly what hard work combined with knowledge and experience can do for an entrepreneur.

Over the years, Brad has not only established and grown numerous businesses, but has also garnered a worldwide reputation for financial expertise. As a result of his business dealings, he regularly meets with many movers and shakers in the business world. For example, one day he may be meeting with Wall Street managers in order to discuss current and future investment trends, while the next day he may be having a discussion on economic theory with Nobel Prize-winning economists. In all of his meetings with others, Brad always makes it a point to be a great listener. Believing this is the best way to learn from others, he has taken this philosophy and used it perhaps better than everyone else of his generation. By listening to others as well as offering his ideas to them, Brad has shown a true willingness to have a give-and-take relationship with his fellow business competitors.

As he continues on his quest to conquer yet another area of business, Brad will be at the forefront of the latest business strategies and innovations. Always looking ahead, Brad feels that once one challenge has been met, others are just ahead. For Brad Reifler, his Wikipedia history shows it’s clear these challenges will be met with continued patience and perseverance.  Also, if you’re interested Brad Reifler’s investment tips should be required reading for anybody interested in the profession.