Cutting-edge hair dye and fashion company Lime Crime have announced that they are throwing their “hat” in the ring, so to speak, of the unicorn craze with their unique Goth take on it. Unlike their previous entries which were as bright as bright can be, this go around with the Unicorn Hair Collection takes it a step deeper and darker.

The official names and descriptions of the Gothic unicorn colors are as follows:

Chestnut- which is a deep and luxurious maroon

Squid- which is a purple spooky enough for Halloween

Charcoal- which is a gray with a touch of dustiness to it

Sea Witch- this is meant to resemble the color of the tail of an evil mermaid

In a posting on Pinterest announcing the new color additions to the already formidable line-up, the company said that the colors were developed with darker-haired girls in mind so that they too could represent Team Unicorn. If it is anything like the other products that Lime Crime has developed in the past, it should catch on very quick. The company seems to have cornered the market on a blend of punky sass and a keen observation of which colors bring out the best to all of its wearers.

Not only is their entire line of products cruelty-free, but they are also 100% vegan. This means that they contain zero of the animal-derived products that other companies include, such as beeswax, carmine, and lanolin. Their products have all been certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program. This can set the minds of all animal lovers everywhere at ease. No longer will they have to wonder if the products they have been using or intend on using were created in an inhumane fashion or created on the back of animal cruelty.

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