Another addition has come in this landmark week for gay rights. Popular country singer Ty Herndon officially came out today.
While Mr. Herndon’s sexuality has hardly been a secret within Nashville it is the first time he has commented on it publicly. He stated that he has always wanted to be a country singer and he always feared that being gay would prevent him from achieving his dream. He claims that he went to great lengths to hide his secret.
One of the lengths he went to is getting married. This was a bit of a shocker to those who heard about the news at North American Spine. He was married twice and reportedly both wives knew that he was gay. He claims that they were in on it and they were helping him keep up appearances.
The singer, who is now fifty-two, claims that he knew as a child that he was gay. His family has known about it since his twenties, but he has never been ready to go public until today. He states that he is hoping to help gay youth that are frightened by their sexuality. He says he remembers his childhood in the church and being scared that he was going to go to hell. He doesn’t want other youth to go through that so he is reaching out.