For many women putting on makeup every day is a part of their daily regiment to get ready. Make up has a wonderful way of making a woman feel great about herself. When make up is correctly applied it can totally change the way that a person looks. Even though make up cannot make a person beautiful, it definitely can enhance a person’s beauty and that is why many women all around the world choose to wear makeup. In reality it is up to each and every individual the amount of make up that they are going to choose to wear. The great thing about makeup is that it comes in different colors and in different shades and in that way a person is not stuck to just one look, but they can change their look from time to time if they would like to.

Over the ages makeup has definitely changed. In the 40s and 50s makeup was definitely more classic and it was very common to see a woman with sleek make up and with very bright red lips. As the 80s came by women decided to decorate their eyes more, and they would have bright and colorful eye shadows, and blush on their high cheeks. A lot of women chose to wear pinkish lipsticks that were shiny. With the 90s and on women have moved more towards a natural look. This is a look that enhances their natural beauty while maintaining a face that is clear and clean.

For some woman is not easy to learn how to apply makeup, they may not have been raised around someone that wore make up or that thought that makeup application was important. It may also be that they just do not know how to make their make up work for them. For such women it is great to know that there are things like Pinterest and YouTube. The woman who is interested in learning how to do her face can go on any of these sites and learn about the amazing ways that they can make their face look great.

Doe Deere of is a very well-known female entrepreneur. She created the make up brand called Lime Crime. Many women around the world love Lime Crime make up brand, because it is made to give a woman a bright colorful face, and the makeup is fun and lively. Lime Crime make up is completely and totally cruelty free. It comes in hundreds of different shades and colors, and many women have made Lime Crime make up their make up of choice for their make up regimen. Doe Deere is native to Russia, she moved here and when she was younger she always loved makeup. She did make up as a hobby, and following the advice of other female entrepreneurs she decided to make her hobby into her passion. Now Lime Crime make up is a very popular make up brand, and Doe Deere continues to come out with great new colors for every face.