Internet based social media and dating services are often criticized by their users for the lack of knowledge of whether another member is who and where they say they are. In response to this the developers of the Skout app have used location based GPS services to make sure their members are only interacting with those they could possibly one day meet and begin a relationship. Although this app first began life in 2007 as a social media Site, it has developed over the years to become more famous as a dating app used largely by teenagers and young adults who enjoy the anonymous nature of the initial contact being made.

Skout is now one of the best loved social media and dating apps in the world, largely because it has developing new features and options for its users since it was established. The popular shake option is one of the most famous and popular options included in the service; members have the option to simply shake their phone to be connected with a random user in their area to be connected with. Added to this has been the growth of the app as a popular option for teenagers to enjoy. After a large number of teens began using the app the developers looked to create a dedicated area of the app for young people designed to protect their safety by barring older people from interacting over this portion of the service.

Alongside the many updates and services added to the Skout app is a premium travel option that allows the use of the location based services as the individual moves on their vacation. By using this area of the app the traveler has the opportunity to make new friends in the local population and take advice on the best attractions to visit. Other options for those using Skout Travel include making contact with fellow travelers with whom new experiences and locations can be shared.