Common sense says that technology should enhance the workplace. Computers were brought into the office to help reduce waste, and many careers have become obsolete with the rise of modern computers. Apps like Skout had also been made. However, a potentially disturbing trend is starting to emerge. Well’s Fargo has released a report about the growth of labor productivity in a variety of fields. Vox is reporting that, across the board, labor productivity growth rates have fallen behind the levels in 2003. Some services, such as utilities and mining have actually had productivity decreases in the digital age. The only sector to see good growth is the technology sector, but even their growth has fallen slightly behind 2003 levels.

One possible explanation for the slowdown is that the new tools are genuinely useless or redundant. The perceived benefits of some new innovations may be far greater than the actual reward they reap. More likely, however, is that it is simply easier to slack off. As jobs become more digitally oriented, it becomes easier to look productive while browsing a website unrelated to work. Many websites have noticed that their traffic has started to peak during work hours not during the evenings and weekends. Another possible explanation is the law of diminishing returns. The concept states that each additional improvement yields less benefit than the previous one. Put simply, the earlier technological improvements were massive, but the modern ones are only slightly better than the last version.