The aim of any young woman in Russia is to find a man, engage in a healthy relationship that will lead to marriage. That has been so for decades now and has not changed to date. It explains why casual dating is very rare in Russia.
More often, you will spot a young, man and woman on a date wearing a suit and dress as opposed to casual outfits likes jeans and t-shirts. Russian women and men frequent restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, with the aim of finding partners, who will be potential marriage mates.
It is, therefore, important to be conversant with some of the dating rules in Russia. Some of the tips include:
• Research and Learn
Do a research about Russian culture. There are different norms and values in Russia that are very important. Learn them so that you do not offend your date by showing unacceptable gestures.
• Gifts And Flowers
In Russia, buying a woman gifts and flowers is considered a good gesture. Red flowers are ideal as they portray love. Ensure you buy an odd number because an even number if given at funerals. One long-stemmed rose is perfect.
• Act like a Gentleman
Always be a man with courtesy and be considerate. Show her kind gestures like opening doors for her and pulling chairs.
Russian admirers act very romantically. Men portray kind gestures like helping the woman into her coat, sorting the bill at the restaurant, and not allowing her to carry anything heavier than a purse.
• Planning The Date
Do not expect the woman to arrange for the date. In Russia, the man plans and surprises the woman. A girl’s part is to look pretty. She will invest in a good manicure and makeup to look presentable to you.
• Dressing
In Russia, the mode of dressing when going out on a date is very valued. Men wear suits while women wear dresses, high heels, and make-up.
• Conversations
Men tend to act manly by talking about their businesses, jobs, hobbies like hunting, shooting, and fishing. They also find a way to show their wealth by talking about their cars and houses. The woman, on the other hand, will talk about her girly hobbies such as cooking.
Typically, in Russia, there are no rules regarding how long a couple should date before getting married. The couple can proceed to marriage quickly or date for a longer time, and both will be considered normal.
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