It’s no secret that to be a great leader you must first be a great reader. If you’re striving to make your mark in the international scientific community, Wessex Journals has the publications that will help you make the most of your own professional continuing education efforts. Featuring the latest research findings and practical developments in the fields of ecological science, data, and energy, all Wessex Journals provide busy professionals with the sources needed to stay up-to-date in advancements and engage in intellectual discourse within their respective working community. Beginning in 2017 and 2018, respectively, professionals in the transportation, architecture, and ecological sustainability industries will also have Wessex Journals to enlighten, equip, and encourage their own scholarly pursuits. Currently available Wessex Journals include, “Sustainable Development and Planning,” “Design & Nature and Ecodynamics,” “Safety and Security Engineering,” “Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements,” and “Energy Production and Management.” Forthcoming titles are, “Transport Development and Integration,” “Heritage Architecture,” and “Environmental Impacts.”

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