If you are not feeding your dog Beneful brand dog food, you might want to take a closer look at the ingredients in what you are feeding them. Chances are the food you give your pet does not have 23 essential minerals and vitamins, is not grain free with real farm-raised chicken, and does have healthy vegetable accents like Beneful Walmart.

Most people do not realize that the same people who are making Beneful dog food feed their own pets the same food. Each serving of grain-free dry dog food is packed with plump pieces of fresh farm-raised chicken, and comes with healthy accents like corn, pumpkin, spinach, and blueberries. This complete and balanced meal is made at the Purina facilities in the US, and caring employees perform quality checks from the beginning to the end of the production.

Your dog deserves the best, and they will come racing to their feed bowl when they see those chunks of chicken and colorful accents in each bowl. There are no fillers, no toxic ingredients, nothing that will compromise the health of your pet in Beneful foods. Packed with super foods that will allow your dog to live a happy and healthy life with you.