Among the many features that make a puppy so adorable is their soft squishy plump little tummy. To be sure the bright expressive eyes are a sign of beauty. The tiny wiggly tail which beseeches us human to bust out in laughter is a delight. The sharp white teeth ever so active chewing anything within teething range is hilarity and glee. The petite dot of a puppy’s nose is also a winner of cuteness, but that round little belly is my favorite part of a puppy’s anatomy. I got to admit holding a puppy in your arms is like really understand the meaning on wikipedia of the word “serenity.” It is no wonder why we humans love our dogs so profoundly; from puppy, to young, to elder, we adore our four-footed family member.
My little puppy will be feed the best quality dog food on the Wal-Mart market. That tiny belly will be filled with only the best brand of puppy chow. Beneful Healthy Puppy is that high quality dog food brand I use. Dog food manufactures got the wakeup call from conscientious pet owner clamoring all over facebook for high quality dog chow and they responded. New territory has been blazon in the pet food market with new offerings like: refrigerated dog meals, veggie mixes, natural probiotics blends, and sweet potato medley. Beneful dog food is a brand I rely on; it has nice nuggets for healthy chewing. It has a great product variation for feeding puppies to oldies. It is a one-stop, complete dog food plan from puppyhood to senior age.

It is overdue, the concept of different foods for varying age group of dogs. Conversely, when my dog became a senior, she (Lady Joy) had difficulty eating harder pellets; even though she loved Beneful Originals Dry Dog food ( she needed a milder blend. I wasn’t sure my Lady Joy was getting the right amount of nutrient. My senior lady’s system slowed down, so she needed a new diet from her adult years. Thankfully, PurinaStore developed Bright Minds brand dog food for older dogs. This is a formula prepared with medium-chain triglycerides. This is a kind of fat sourced from coconut oil. Purina experts say it is easier for senior dogs to metabolize. You may read more on this topic at: Belly Full of Goodness