With the advent of technology and its ability to help people stay connected, people have often wondered how technology would impact education. When it comes to education it is vitally important to utilize all the resources possible to help a child succeed. One of the best resources available is the new app called ClassDojo. ClassDojo allows teachers, students and parents to connect with one another. Utilizing this piece of technology can improve relations between teachers and parents, allowing for more effective teaching. Students benefit from ClassDojo because of its ease and custom features. Instead of trying to create a one size fits all classroom, ClassDojo seeks to create an atmosphere that is conductive to a specific student’s strengths.

ClassDojo offers benefits to both the teachers as well as parents. Since this tool is tailored to a specific students needs, it is possible for both teachers as well as parents to track a students progress. As a student goes along is school, changes can be made to help facilitate the best growth for the student. This app allows teachers, students and parents to share updates, pictures, progress reports and videos with each other through out the day. This feature allows for better tracking of a student’s progress in each class. With ClassDojo not only will a parent be able to easily communicate with one teacher, but will all of them. With the help of ClassDojo a student will learn accountability, organization and the importance of time management. ClassDojo offers teachers, students and parents a great app, that will further their education.