Fashion and technology have both largely influenced our modern culture. However, over the recent years, the two seemingly different topics have come closer together to a point where fashion and technology have mixed and become the same. Some fashion designers are looking beyond conventional fabrics and instead look for new and unconventional materials and resources to design their fashion out of. Similarly, technology developers are putting an increased effort into designing how their products look and feel in order to make the products easier to use and more appealing to the general population.



Mr Chris Burch wrote an article in 2016 about the timeline of the development of fashion and technology over the years. Mr Chris Burch has always had a passion for the stylish aspect of technology and fashion is one of his favourite subjects. In his article, he takes the boom box as an example subject. It used to a big heavy machine back in the 70s, but today up to date, the concept has grown a lot smaller and slimmer. It can fit in a small pocket, and that makes it easy to carry around everywhere. The way that technology is being presented visually has also changed. Back in the day, technology was all about function – it works, therefore nothing more e needs to be done. That mindset does not exist anymore as gadgets have long since started looking sleek and futuristic. They need to have a convenient design that is also pretty to look at.



Mr Chris Burch is one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs today. He is the owner of Burch Creative Capital which is an umbrella company that includes many of his favourite projects. He works mainly with fashion items and gadgets. He also has a line of stationery, home furnishings, and more. Up to date, Mr Chris Burch is the owner of Nihiwatu – a five-star luxury resort located on the island of Sumba which is in Indonesia.

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