In order to become a professional racquetball player one needs to be dedicated and focused. It takes a lot of practice to become exceptional at this sport as well as playing a large variety of other players using different techniques and strengths against you. One also needs to be physically and mentally fit to compete at the professional racquetball level.

Before confirming the goal of becoming a professional in this sport one should have done their due diligence by engaging in a sufficient amount of research. You also need to make sure you’re firmly dedicated to the sport and why. Some might be looking for self-fulfillment while others enjoy competing against others at the top levels of competition. Others could be motivated by making a lot of money which will change their approach to more of running it as a business. Depending on what your motivation is how you approach the game of racquetball will vary.

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In addition to getting in large amounts of practice, finding a coach who fits your style is paramount. Someone aspiring to be a professional racquetball player is going to need a coach who’s strengths match theirs as well as someone who is great at motivation. A good coach will also know the most appropriate workouts for their player depending on what they need to get stronger in.

Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball player in the Portland, Oregon area. He started playing the sport when he was very young and has aspirations to become a professional player in the future. Currently, he plays on his high school team as well as at the Portland Racquetball Club. The Portland Racquetball Club attracts the best players in the region for Sawyer Howitt to compete against and broadens his skills at this demanding sport.

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In addition to being a student and a strong racquetball player, Sawyer Howitt works as a Project Manager at Meriwether Group. At this company he gets to rub elbows with entrepreneurs every day, something he also hopes to become once he is older. To this end he will be joining the Entrepreneurial Finance program at the University of California, Berkeley, in the fall of 2017.