President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization David Giertz has 31 years of experience as a financial advisor. He has a warning for other financial advisors, as well as for their clients – learn about Social Security.


David Giertz points out there is a need for financial advisers to learn about Social Security and to always include that topic when discussing financial planning with their clients. Many are failing to do so and this is hurting their business, as well as hurting their clients. Social Security has thousands of rules attached to it but it’s worth the effort for advisers to take the initiative to learn about it. Clients tend to go elsewhere if the advisor avoids the topic. By informing clients of the rules for Social Security, clients can often make much better decisions.


For example, many people do not understand that even though they can retire at the age of 62, doing so will cost them dearly. Their monthly payments can decrease by as much as 25%. If they can wait until the age of 70, they will be able to receive so much more and have much less to worry about in their golden years. Those who are educated about this major difference tend to do what they need to do in order to gain the highest benefit.


David Giertz also works as a broker and he’s able to buy and sell securities like stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. His advice has been sought by major media and featured in articles. He’s dedicated his career to helping his clients retire under the best circumstances possible.


Giertz is based out of Columbus, OH. He also is President of other Nationwide companies, including the roles of Senior Vice President and Director.