Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks after finding great success with Solo Capital. He saw a need in the autism research world that he was able to fill quickly, and Sanjay is using every tool at his disposal to raise money for the charity. This article explains the purpose of the Autism Rocks GoFundMe page, the mission of the organization and Sanjay’s personal involvement in the charity’s fundraising efforts.

#1: Sanjay Is Hands-On

Sanjay is a hands-on manager who has worked with Solo Capital and every aspect of Autism Rocks to create concert events, find new artists and raise ancillary cash for the charity. He uses his business empire at Solo Capital and Aesa S.a.r.l. to manage the money raised by the charity, and he has chosen to use GoFundMe to reach people who cannot attend his concert events.

#2: Why GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a perpetual fundraising operation that allows users to open their fundraising pages for as long as they want. Sanjay may use GoFundMe to solicit donations from those who cannot attend his concert, and the page will remain open for as long as he likes. There are many people who are committed to giving money to charity, and a few dollars here and there will go a long way for Autism Rocks.

#3: What Will The Money Do?

The money raised on GoFundMe will be used for operating expenses, concert events and research. Autism Rocks puts on many concerts a year that raise millions for autism research, and the GoFundMe campaign helps people give to the cause in small ways. Concert tickets cost a bit more money, but anyone may give any amount they like on GoFundMe.

Using GoFundMe to support such a large charity is a helpful way of paying for operating expenses and other needs. Sanjay Shah is wise to use GoFundMe to help fund his charity, and he will invest the money raised to get the best outcome possible. Autism Rocks gives millions every year for research, and Sanjay plans to raise as much money as possible through as many different avenues as he can find. GoFundMe presents yet another avenue that has not been tapped.