There’s no doubt that, in our present time, social media is essential to the success of any brand or business. Yet, mastering its usefulness and targeting the right audience and be tricky, to say the least. What the Purina news coverage has done to set itself apart from its competitors is innovative and entertaining.

With the help of YouTube comedy channel Jash, Julian Smith directing, and Adam Schlessinger wielding the pen, Purina Petcare created a catchy tune and video which aired during the 2015 Grammy Awards. The music video, featuring Boss the Corgi, gets your fingers snapping, foot tapping, and your dog yapping for a Purina Beggin’ snack. Airing a social media geared ad during a program that triggers millions to interact via social media showed Purina’s strategic marketing intelligence. Coupling the ad with a popular hashtag, #IGETBEGGIN, allows many users to engage with Purina across its many social platforms.

Most of Purina Petcare’s success with the viral ad has come through Facebook, garnering more than 950,000 views. The popularity of Boss the Corgi also helps drive traffic to both the YouTube video and Purina’s website. After watching the viral sensation, along with some of the company’s other social media promotions; one can’t help but think about getting a bag of Beggin’ snacks for their pooch.

Purina Petcare has been a digital presence well before the triumphant “I Get Beggin’” music video. Some of the company’s earliest tactics include an email application, Doggie-Mail which sent messages online courtesy of a talking dog; and sponsoring the website. The site was filled with content like videos, pictures, tips and tricks provided by pet owners. Purina continuously engages its audience online thereby exercising its social media dominance over other brands. With its iPhone app that lets users find pet-related locations and even a Facebook game that allows gamers to manage their own Purina pet resort, their digital advantage is sure to last.

Purina’s technical prowess continues to amaze with its pioneering commercial which aired in Austria that had audio effects only pets could hear. The company even took advantage of internet sensation Grumpy Cat’s popularity by making the ferociously cute feline the “spokescat” for its Friskies brand. Only time will tell just how far Purina Petcare will take its digital success but as long as the company continues to engage pets and owners, Purina will be sure to stay ahead of the pack.