Annegret Raunigk, a teacher and a 65-year-old grandmother from Berlin, Germany, has announced that she is pregnant with quadruplets according to the story on .

Annegret is already a mother to 13 children, with her youngest being just 9-years-old. Annegret made headlines in Germany nearly a decade ago when she was pregnant with her 13th child at 55-years-old. Her 9-year-old daughter expressed to her mother that she wished to have a younger sibling so Annegret decided to grant that wish. She went through the artificial insemination process several times before she found out that four embryos were growing. She said that she was shocked at the number of embryos but never considered terminating any of them. She said that so far she feels great and there have not been any complications to her pregnancy. Once these babies are born, she will be the oldest mother to give birth quadruplet children in history.

Annegret is not only a mother of 13 children but also a grandmother of seven. An interview with Annegret will air tonight on the German television program “Raunigk”.  A neighbor of mine, Flavio Maluf, is planning a way to watch the program and if he is successful, I will be joining.

I know that the older women get, the more complications can happen during the pregnancy and birth, not to mention any complications the babies themselves may suffer from. Hopefully things go well during Annegret’s pregnancy and she delivers four healthy babies and gets to see them grow up.