Brian Torchin is a chiropractor and the founder of Health Care Recruitment Counsellors. He attended college at the University of Delaware where he earned a Bachelor’s of Exercise Medicine and went on to add his Chiropractic degree.

The Health Care Recruitment Counsellors is a healthcare staffing solutions firm that is involved in the marketing of employment opportunities. It offers career consultation and helps employment seekers who intend to apply their skills in health care.

Torchin is described by his subordinates as a team player who always consults and takes all inputs into consideration before coming to a decision. He is also described by his clients as a dedicated man. He is always there for them and ready to answer all their questions and give effective solutions to their problems. Brian Torchin publishes articles on HCRC’s blog on a number of topics on things he is interested in -these range from managerial functions to marketing.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin’s Facebook is awash with his interests. A glance at his profile and wall reveals a number of things that he is passionate about. He is a member of various chiropractor groups such as Chiropractic Fountain. His page also reveals an interest in superior marketing and in sports.

For a long time now, the HCRC has grown from a small firm into a reputable firm under the masterful guidance of Brian Torchin. It is now one of the biggest staffing agencies in health care in the United States.

HCRC has helped many healthcare providers meet their staffing needs in a way that most other staffing agencies have not yet done.

They have reintegrated economics into the provision of healthcare and it is not just the clients that are satisfied with their services but also patients who receive best health care standards and are assured of high standards of professionalism.