USHEALTH is a group of family companies that provide better health insurance to people around the United States. In 1992, Group health merged with medical centers and formed the USHEALTH Group. Group health was a consumer organization board which consisted of health directors and their patients. In 2013, the health partners came together with Park Nicollet to become the new health partners.


USHEALTH serves at least 1.8 million medical and dental health members in the whole country. Reports have indicated that the cost of medical care for its members have dropped by 13 percent than the standard 4.4 percent. After partnering with Nicollet care group, the company has seen an increased number of physicians representing medical, primary care, and surgical specialists. These practitioners have all been posted to different hospitals in western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities. The healthcare consists of eye care centers and dental units a few to mention.


USHEALTH partners operate in health clinics with nine other different organizations. It was rated among the top performers in commercial health plans for four consecutive years. In 2006, USHEALTH was awarded the national acclaim award for their prowess in patient care. Medical centers recommend this company as one of the best places to work. USHEALTH has also served as a benchmark for the 2008 report by the National Business Coalition on Health.


Patients around the United States have expressed their satisfaction, and this has helped USHEALTH scale up in their rankings. The USHEALTH group was among the members who implemented the EBAN experience. This program was aimed at reducing health disparities which were evident among marginal populations mainly in East Africa.


The mission of the USHEALTH to improve health and promote a good relationship with members, patients and the society as a whole. The group is committed to serving people with dignity and respect. Their listening skills and high-quality services that are affordable are the main driving force of the USHEALTH group. Nearly all big firms in the US offer health services to their employees, but the USHEALTH GROUP has stood firmly in the Medicare industry and has come to be known for its excellent services.