Scott Rocklage graduated from UC Berkeley. Before becoming managing partner of 5AM Ventures, he had managed other projects such as Omniscan™, Teslascan® and Cubicin®. Now, with his scientific background, he manages and investment firm. This firm (5AM Ventures) invests in the creation of medicinal products. His PhD in chemistry allows him to active knowledge of the potential of certain products. His association with 5AM Ventures began in 2004 and he has had many interviews.

Many have credited Scott Rocklage for the growth of 5AM Ventures into the powerhouse that it is today. He enjoys reading personal growth books such as “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. And he must. An entrepreneur is one who reads. It is one of the greatest assets for a leader, so he may learn from those who had done it before. I wouldn’t be surprised if he imagines his own company within the pages of “Good to Great” as a story of 5AM’s rise to levels like Walmart and Google. Visit to know more about Scott.

We also know that science is his life. When he was asked what ventures he would advise to his readers, he responded, “not of interest to non-scientists.” He knew a lot of his readers followers wouldn’t be in the science realm. However, his ideas are very scientific, thus how could many others pursue it. Quite the boon for a powerhouse who delves into investing in the science realm.

This is a lesson: if you want to be a success, find what you are passionate about. Find out what you have knowledge in, or can acquire knowledge in. That experience can help you grow into a success just like Scott Rocklage.