In a recent private interview, Felipe Montoro Jens has interviewed Edison Carlos. As President of Tata Brazil, Carlos has his hands quite full in maintaining Brazil’s sanitation regulations in full check but always welcomes a new challenge and assistance from wherever he may receive it. Jens interviewed Edison thoroughly on many aspects that currently affect waste levels and toxicity within Brazil, noting possible implications for its future in days to come. In addition, Jens asked many useful questions on topics related to infrastructure programs and the overall effects of banking and social developments as they factor into numerous waste level issues that are beyond control within the country as of last year.


Through a very difficult year, Brazil has struggled to maintain itself in full control of such issues through imposing certain sanctions and requesting concessions on other levels while maintaining low taxes. In efforts to remove these sanitation issues from growing, Brazil’s government has also recently partnered with the BNDES and other similar nearby initiatives to further focus efforts and combine forces while seeking to eradicate unhealthy toxic and waste levels from the country once and for all. Edison also wisely pointed that sanitation in the country is 90 percent public power and 75 percent state organizational use.


Jens fully agrees with Edison’s comments. Jens is an active participant in sanitation and wastewater resources within Brazil. He has worked in this field for more than 30 years and is a specialist in its numerous areas.


In addition, Jensen has previously commented on numerous indexes and studied several similar factors in his lifetime, still not considering himself an expert by any means. This humility is what he is most recognized for: He is a top expert in concessions and sanitation but does not seek the credit as one. Learn. Imitate.