Eric Pulier has always been interested in technology and the world of entrepreneurship. Even as a boy living in New Jersey, Pulier was intrigued with the programming of computers. In the fourth grade he started programming his own computers. He took his knowledge and curiosity and in high school, Pulier started a computer company.


In 1984, Eric Pulier attended Harvard University and graduated manga cum laude in 1988. While at Harvard, Pulier took on the role of editor for the The Harvard Crimson and went beyond his role to Alexis contribute an article to the paper. His quest for knowledge Continued as he attended classes at MIT. Pulier was eager to learn and grow.


After graduating from college, Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he began his company People Doing Things or PDT. The company’s intention was to use technology to combat issues in health care, education, and other important issues. In 1994, Digital Evolution was created. Digital Evolution and US Interactive LLC merged in 1988. His efforts in the world of technology continued as he created a social network for chronically ill children. The social network known as Starbright World provides a a safe place for chronically ill children to chat, post pictures or other content, blog, and meet other children who are going through a similar experience.


Pulier’s technological expertise was used in various presidential and political venues. Pulier was asked to develop the “The Bridge to the 21st Century” for the 1997 Presidential Inaugural Committee. He also assisted the then Vice President Al Gore with the health care and technology initiatives.


Pulier has founded or co-founded numerous ventures and continues to create new ventures. His dedication to helping the world around him allows him to continue to be innovative.