People often find themselves with a desire to make a difference, but with no idea about how to do so. This can happen within almost any cause or issue. But some of the most important examples are centered around medicine. The amount of people who have the specialized knowledge and experience to create and work on medical research projects is often very limited. And even worse, these people often struggle to find finding to do so. This is why charities such as Autism Rocks are so important. They allow people who can’t perform research projects themselves to still help out with important causes. In this case it allows people to help fund autism research while also enjoying some great music.

But to understand Autism Rocks, one must first understand creator Sanjay Shah. Sanjay started out in the business world. And that gave him a lot of contacts with the movers and shakers in quite a few other industries. Through a series of contacts this led to Snoop Dogg visiting his home. It made a huge impact on Sanjay. And he quite correctly assumed that anyone else would be equally moved by having direct interaction with a musical superstar. But this also made him think that the stardom effect might be a great way to make a positive impact on the world.

While Sanjay has an excellent history in the business world, his defining role would probably be as a family man. And one of his children happens to be autistic. According to Crunchbase, this made the subject of the charity a given right from the start. Sanjay knew he had a great chance to help fund autism research. He began putting together a charity where funds could be risen for autism research by creating small private concerts. Sanjay hopes that this will help parents find new ways to connect to their autistic children. He’s also adamant that the point of the charity isn’t to cure autism. He loves his child unconditionally and wouldn’t want to change anything about him. But what he, and other parents in that position, wants to do is find ways to better understand his child. He hopes that his charity can help to build bridges between autistic children and their parents.

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