Michael Ian Black is known for his comedic sense and timing. The comedian has over 2 million followers on Twitter and frequently and engages in questions and conversations with his fans. Recently Michael Ian Black took to Twitter to have conversations with Delta Airlines on behalf of its travelers. Michael Ian Black was supposed to be heading to Buffalo New York this weekend to appear at a comedy club called the Helium Comedy Club. Unfortunately the comedian has had a lot of trouble getting there. His initial flight through Delta Airlines ended up being delayed for more than 8 hours at the JFK International Airport. The delay was caused by alleged mechanical problems. The travelers weren’t so much upset about the delay so much so as how the an airline gave little to no information on the problem at hand. During the delay Michael Ian Black tweeted Delta’s official Twitter account and the conversation escalated rather quickly from there. Michael had to switch his flight three times and ended up just taking a flight with JetBlue. Delta Airlines eventually agreed to compensate the comedian for the 1,200 dollars he had to spend to get to his final destination. James Dondero says for him that wasn’t enough and he wanted the company to compensate everyone else who had to go through that 8 hour delay. Delta airlines has yet to respond to the comedian and no one is sure whether or not the travelers for the original flight will be getting their money back. Michael Ian Black will continue working Delta Airlines until he gets the answers he wants.