In Brazil, the real estate industry is one of the fastest growing businesses across the economic sector. The industry has been experiencing a significant transformation over the last decade, a sign that most investors in Brazil have the chance to expand their portfolios through real estate. For individuals who want to explore the real estate business, Brazil is currently one of the best places to look into. Given that most developed countries are relatively saturated, Brazil offers a low-risk investment chance for most investors. Aside from the market niche factor, Brazil is a hub of real estate companies that offer less volatile investment opportunities. One of these companies is the prominent JHSF.

The services offered by JHSF

From shopping malls, airports and restaurants, JHSF has been the hotbed of some of the country’s best structures in terms of property. Since its establishment in the 70s, this company has participated in the erection of some of the high-ranking shopping malls and restaurants. JHSF is prominent for offering a broad spectrum of services encompassing real estate. Often, the company has been associated with the acquisition of leading property. JHSF works on the basis of ensuring that commercial properties come in the same design that the client has instructed. Even better, JHSF will always lead in real-estate acquisition projects. Among the projects JHSF has invested in are:

  • Metro Santa Cruz Mall
  • Ponta Negra Mall
  • Iguatemi Shopping Mall

What Makes JHSF Tick?

Like any other business, JHSF’s performance is leadership-oriented. Jose Auriemo Neto is the brain behind the navigation of these projects. He has been manning the company through unmatched entrepreneurial skills. Consistently offering clients the chance to share their ideas on their preferred designs, Jose has established a strong client base that ordinary real estate companies would not afford. Jose’s ability to deliver is linked to his vast skills. Since he joined JHSF in 2003, he has implemented strategies that navigate the growth of the company.