Different Approaches To Understanding Visual Search

This great, new technology called visual search or AI assisted shopping is a growing trend among consumers and retailers. The companies that develop this technology are giving it their all to look at every possible angle of how this technology can be used properly to bring users closer to the products that they are in search of purchasing. Pinterest has a unique take on the technology where users can actually put a box around something they see in a picture in order to search for the item through Pinterest’s visual search engine. There are a number of different takes on this technology, but I would like to talk some about what Slyce has done in this industry because I just came across their app, and it is amazing.

Slyce redefines online shopping, and they add a whole new, useful layer to visual search technology that produces the results that every consumer wants to see on their screen. Everyone who uses Slyce gets what they want from the experience. I know this because I have talked to other people who have used the application, and they are all thrilled to report that Slyce produces the results for their product in a timely fashion, and the results are almost always what they wanted to find online. Thanks to Slyce, we no longer have to go through the frustrating experience of looking through webpages to try to find the thing that we were looking for online.

Slyce has turned up the dial on their product, and they have certainly made the industry more competitive. They are a company that is worth watching in the future because they have been growing and changing their applications frequently. They have added on several new features to their already stunning application that entice users to use the app to find what they want to purchase. The new feature called Slyce Link is one that shows users other suggestions when their product is out of stock. This also helps retailers sell more products that might not be getting the right attention.

This new technology seems to be one of the greatest advances in online shopping in the past few decades. I found this article from MIT Technology Review, and I would like to share it with anyone who’s interested in learning more about the industry.