Life Line screening is a powerhouse that pursues a course towards helping people live a full and healthy life by providing the necessary knowledge and skills on health. They offer cost-effective and reliable preventive screening relied on by many patients. By partnering with doctors, they have accomplished important task of detecting problems at early stages and improving the quality of life.

Life Line Screening makes available community screening events, staffed by highly trained licensed health care experts. The process is conducted all over the United States of America at various community centers, senior centers, places of worship and corporations. The expert services offered includes health screening, heart disease screening, carotid artery screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening among others.

The state of the art ultrasound and EKG screening offered is not only comfortable and convenient but also affordable. The procedure requires little or no preparation at all while at the same time leading to accurate results.

Life Line screening is perhaps the nation’s largest and major Screening company for associated vascular diseases in the United States. Since it began, the company has managed to screen over 8 million people. Besides, they have a unique database which provides a platform and a basis of peer-reviewed journal articles.

A board comprising of certified physicians are tasked to review ultrasound equipment under the supervision of Chief Medical Officer. The officer is also in charge of examination, quality assurance and reviews the marketing for clinical accuracy in addition to chairing a Scientific Advisory Network. The network is made up of leading clinical specialists and academicians around the globe.

Dr. Mangaro of Life Line Screening says that they continually focus on offering clients with both new tests and new ways to look at preventive health using up to date screening process. There would be a new package that targeted potential sequelae of the adult inception of diabetes. Besides, there was a set of screening meant for patients concerned about their respiratory condition.

They have partnered with the University of California at San Francisco, New York University School of Medicine and Oxford University in the United Kingdom to generate publications in the scientific literature.