EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is proud to announce that they’ve come up with a new flavored lip balm that is now 100 percent vegan. The new product is clear, and thus they are known as their crystal collection.

It seems that there has been a very high demand for the new vegan flavors as they have really flown off the shelves and EOS has had a challenge keeping up with the high demand for their newest product. The new crystal flavors are a welcome sight for both long-time EOS fans and for vegans as well. The only ingredient that has kept EOS lip care products from being completely vegan is beeswax, and since they have removed it, their products are now completely animal byproduct free.

EOS is an innovative company that is listening to their customers. They are well-known for their unique orb shaped lip balm containers, but they also offer many fun and exciting flavors when there only used to be the usual original, cherry or mint options offered by the dominating lip balm companies.

Customers want flavors like Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach for a change. EOS lip balms are appealing to all of the senses and are loaded with antioxidants and jojoba oil to help nourish delicate lips from the harsh elements.

EOS lip balms have become very popular and competitive in a market that has long been dominated by a handful of brands such as Chapstick, and Carmex, and Blistex. EOS has made a name for itself and has a huge following (mapleholistics.com). The fun flavors, easy-to-hold orb shape, and the tantalizing flavors are all very appealing points that people enjoy. EOS set out to create a product that people use daily that not only does its job but that make a somewhat mundane routine enjoyable.  Additional review on celiacandthebeast.com.