The Face Of Young Women

Founded in 2007, Evolution of Smooth had a very distinct target in mind for its lip balm. The company wanted to target young women looking for something that reflected their sense of style and their common interests. This wasn’t the safest move to make, but it paid off in the end. EOS lip balm is now one of the most popular brands among young women around. This might have something to do with the celebrity endorsements, product placement, and social media presence of Evolution of Smooth, but there’s more to the story. EOS lip balm is designed with a distinct spherical shape and flavors to separate it from other lip balm brands.

Trending On Social Media

For the most part, EOS uses social media to market itself. Obviously, when you decide to target young women you’ll need to reach them on their terms. To reach out to its target demographic, EOS maintains an active presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media apps to spread the message. Celebrities often play a major role in promoting Evolution of Smooth as well. You can find plenty of selfies with EOS spheres in them.

An Empire Grows

As EOS enjoys greater success the company is expanding with an ever growing line of products on Ulta. There is now Evolution of Smooth shaving cream and Evolution of Smooth lotions to give their customers the same quality they expect from their lip balm. When young women attach themselves to a brand, they become lifelong customers. Decades from now Evolution of Smooth will continue to make major profits simply because an entire generation has grown attached to the brand and everything it has to offer. It isn’t too hard to build an entire empire with that formula.