The RealReal is currently the internet’s most funded luxury resale start-up, and has proven why with some impressive sales through experimenting with retail through Pop-Up shops over the past year. The Company started in San Francisco almost six years ago with an exclusive online presence specializing in the consignment of high end clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories for men, women, and children. In 2016, The RealReal opened a Pop-Up location in New York, which proved incredibly successful, bringing in two million dollars for the company. Spurred by the impressive display in New York, the consignment company launched a second Pop-Up in San Francisco this past November, and will continue to experiment with the temporary retail locations in several different cities throughout 2018.

The RealReal’s director of marketing, Allison Sommer, believes so much in the company’s progression through Pop-Up retail that she has said 2018 will be ‘The Year of the Pop-Up’. Speaking recently at Miami’s FutureStores conference, Sommer said she believes these physical locations provide the company with a sense of legitimacy and street-presence, which she says are integral for sales for the once online only shop. Statistics have thus far proven Sommer’s assessment correct as she says over-the-counter sales are six times the normal seen through online retail. Sommer attributes this phenomena to the loyalty inspired by visiting a brick-and-mortar location of The RealReal, and seeing all the impressive features offered by the brands they sell.

The RealReal’s Pop-Up shops go beyond simply offering jewelry, clothing, and home decor for sale, however, and incorporate a variety of different ways of bringing in customers. In the New York location, the Pop-Up shop featured a premium cafe and flower shop, and although that specific experience won’t be offered at all their locations, The RealReal will employee a variety of specialists for their stores, including authentication experts, and gemologists. The general in-store staff also possess work experience and knowledge in fashion retail including employees who have worked with Gucci and Sotheby’s. The RealReal have demonstrated a special dedication to hosting the most premium high end shopping events available and provide a new type of experience for their customers.

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