What can you do to remove the double chin? According to scientists, they’ve discovered a better option than surgery.

A panel of dermatologists and professional consultants have submitted drug ATX-101(sodium deoxycholate), a formula that removes neck fat to the FDA for approval.

It’s the first injectable, that is not a filler, that can eliminate fat that has been cleared by the FDA to use in patients.

The drug eliminates fat cells deposited under the chin, without damaging the underlying tissues. The ingredients are based on a natural chemical that helps the body eat away the membranes of fat cells.

ATX-101 is manufactured by the company Kythera, and was tested in a specific but limited group.

Zeca Oliveira has learned that the results of clinical trials have shown so far that it is safe.

If approved, after the study for public use in the US, the drug would be cheaper than liposuction, and a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery says Dr. Susan Weinkle, a dermatologist in Bradenton Florida, who helped test the drug in patients.

According to Dr. Rotunda, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, “side effects, such as swelling, bruising and numbness appear to be mild to moderate, but lidocaine, ice and NSAID painkillers can significantly reduce pain.”