Oncotarget is a broad term that has under its definition pathways, cellular organisms and molecules in cancer cells, lymphocytes, and aging disorders. The oncotarget mission has been to reach out to the public and make this information public knowledge.

Through research and peer reviews, Oncotarget has been able to maximize the impact of scientific researchers in these fields. The results have been insightful and overly comprehensive. With a team of highly trained and experienced scientists, it has taken science to another level.

Public Emancipation through Social Media

The internet has proved to gain and command a high following and subscription from followers, thus creating a great platform for public education with regard to human health. Oncotarget is a leader in the online platform, as far as publication and sharing of journal publications is concerned.

The recent publications will be released in two documents on weekly basis. The change has been necessitated by the demand for quality and timely information by the public. These will be released every Tuesday and the other one on Fridays in order to cater for the great public demand for timely health-related news.

Oncotarget Development levels and Research Endeavors

Great and constructive reviews have been conducted by peers, growing the reputation and international awareness of Oncotarget. The insightful and timely releases of information by authors reckon around the world has been able to intensify their global research campaigns as compared to previous years. In the former years, Oncology was the highly highlighted topic, but the recent changes have enabled their subscribers to order for topics beyond oncology. Researchers are now sharing information on Cardiology, Cell Biology, Metabolism, Neuroscience and even Pharmacology. The mission to create an informed world is being slowly achieved under Octotarget.

New Releases and Partnership with PubMed

This partnership has been entered to facilitate quick and easy dissemination of research results and information, especially discoveries that are important. The only approved papers will be made available under new releases in PubMed. The gap and misinformation, coupled with delays which previously existed ill no be contained.