What Is Paul Evans All About?

Providing quality, style and convenience to consumers everywhere, Paul Evans is a company that produces a surplus of affordable high-end men’s italian shoes footwear. It all began in New York City when a couple of style and logistics-conscious men decided to bypass the less traditional route of retail to create shoes that could be delivered straight to the customer. Traveling to Italy seeking the best materials possible to produce fashionable and timeless footwear, the founders of Paul Evans managed to achieve their dream. With a factory stationed in Naples, Italy, Paul Evans produces styles such as the timeless Oxford, ever popular Chelsea Boot and numerous other show-stoppers to the delight of satisfied customers across the globe. Creating products that appreciate and highlight the art of shoe-making, Paul Evans is a company that combines beautiful craftsmanship with ingenuity and accessibility.

Must-Have Men’s Footwear For Fall

As fall approaches, the promise of cold weather influences the trendy set to search for a touch of practicality to set off their signature style. Not sacrificing practicality for fashion, men can be both current and comfortable in these aesthetically pleasing shoe choices:
Chelsea Boots
Penny Loafers
High-End Sneakers

For fashion-minded fellows, neutral is the new “in” color scheme for the upcoming season. Bringing a pleasant mix of class and durability, the simple brown Oxford is unparalleled because of its versatility, as it pairs well with any ensemble. Leather Chelsea boots also are sure to be a hit with their slip-on appeal and standout style. They go well with a trouser, business suit, or if casual is trending, they bring a little extra something to a hemmed up pair of jeans.

Enhancing a polished, modern and stream-lined style, the Derby shoe is a reminder to the fashion folk everywhere, that simple and seamless is the best of both worlds in footwear. Penny loafers are a great choice for men who want to make a bold statement. Their unique style coupled with perhaps a bolder color choice or more ornate design offers opportunities to standout, for the more daring trend-setters this fall. Lastly, high-end leather sneakers bring a touch of up-scale luxury and comfort that is incomparable. With their sleek silhouette, a stylish suit is never underwhelmed by the more casual appearance of a great sneaker. This fall, fashion and functionality go hand-in-hand. Finding the perfect set of footwear is a great way to piece together the entire wardrobe this fall!