Norka Luque used to dream about singing with Shakira, Ricky Martin, and other top Latino singers. She had that dream over and over again, and as some of us known, dreams do become reality. Norka Luque is now considered the next big Latino singer, but she is already a star in the Spanish-speaking world. Her first two singles hit the top of billboard charts in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish-speaking countries and they stayed there. Norka’s voice is contagious, especially when the beat hits just the right salsa notes. How she got to be a star in the Latino music world is a good story. She was born in Venezuela, spent time in the United States, moved to Europe to study business. Norka moved back to the states when she had a premonition that she could be discovered in one of the nightclubs on South Beach in Miami.

The road to Miami wasn’t paved with all things good, however. She had to experience the bad times like everyone else before her big break came. Norka Luque didn’t know how that break would materialize, but it did. Emilio Estefan got the word that a new singer was packing one of the clubs on South Beach. He sent one of his crew to listen to Norka sing. Estefan’s man came back and told him she was hot, and she could be the next big talent in the Latino music industry. Emilio set up a meeting, and he signed Norka after she sang the first song for him. Her first single dropped in 2011, and it was so good that Norka was nominated for best female vocalist of the year. But her second single, Milagro, made the first single sound stale. Milagro stayed on top of the music charts for 14 weeks in Venezuela, and it became a crossover hit in some U.S. cities as well.

Luque took a little time off in 2015 to tend to health and personal issues, but she is back on the Charts with her latest single, Tomorrowland. Norka hasn’t scratched the surface of music greatness yet, but she is making a mark, and people are listening.

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