Fashion and modeling go hand-to-hand. The fashion industry and the modeling industry are a part of the same spectrum. This industry is very prominent, but there probably isn’t over 100 model agencies in the world. Yes, it’s very exclusive, but finding the talent can be a frustrating process. One of the best up-and-coming model agencies in the world can be found right in the U.S. The Texas-based Browm Modeling Agency has helped to revolutionize the industry. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, this agency may not have the high-profile appeal as other agencies in larger cities, but it’s producing some of the best work. This notion speaks volumes either way you look at it.


What makes Brown Agency so special? The answer is fairly simple because the agency does a great job of discovering and grooming its talent. This can’t be said for many of the competing agencies. Brown Modeling Agency has pulled a rabbit out of its hat and here is why. Justin Brown, CEO and founder, has many years of experience in the industry because he was a model himself. This guy has a firm understanding of what it takes to grow and what it takes to succeed. He actually modeled designer jeans years ago, but he has always felt that he belonged behind the cameras. Thanks to his business management background, this agency has a solid foundation in which it performs very well. Justin has expertise in business, in finance and in grooming. Thanks to being business-savvy, this guy actually combined two talent agencies into one and this is how Brown Modeling Agency was formed.


Who has the talent worked for? Being a full-service agency isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap. Each and every individual has been an investment. Since each and every individuals is groomed to perfection, the company gets a great return on investment (ROI). Miami Swim Week, Landshark Beer, Bright House, New York Fashion Week, Bing, HBO, Louis Vuitton, Dell, Dodge, TNT and other publications have all benefited mightily. Brown Modeling Agency is the real deal, and it has a great resume to backup all claims. You can visit their Instagram page