Clayton Hutson has worked hard to get to where he is in the music industry. This is a very tough road to go down. However, he has set a clear example of what can happen when you refuse to quit. Hutson has a few secrets he is willing to share, that can make all the difference in you approach to everything.


Who is Clayton Hutson and what exactly does he do? Well, his business helps event coordinators and musicians by rendering services they might need. He became an audio engineer after taking courses at a university for theater design. He was hired by a company in the live music industry and was promoted to project manager. Once Hutson improved his skills, he seized the opportunity to produce, design, and manage concerts. He decided it was time to establish a firm just for this venture. The area that he is most involved with is rock music. However, artist such as Pink, a pop icon, has used his services. Kid Rock and Guns N Roses are other artists that he has done managerial and technical work for. In 2005, there was a world tour called ”Bleed Like Me”. On this tour, Hutson traveled with a band called Garbage and was the monitor engineer. They toured through different parts of North America, Europe, and Austrailia. Hutson also worked at the Honda Civic Tour. The automatic rigging system is what he operated while there. His range of hands-on experience is why he can give sound advice during the interview.


Hutson admits that being on his other jobs is credited for giving him the skills he needed to start his business. It certainly boosted his confidence in being able to handle any technical or managerial challenges thrown at him. There is a process when taking an idea and making it concrete. Because Hurson is grounded in having realistic ideas, he has no problem utilizing designs that are computer aided. He is good at paying very close attention to detail. What good is it to have the best innovative equipment on the market, if you can not even get it through a venue’s door. The biggest secret of all is the fact Hutson does not mind checking once or twice to make sure he is not making any mistakes. With his determination, Hutson will be in the music industry for a good while to come. Learn more: