Sergio Cortes, one of the popular impersonators in the entertainment industry, was very happy to have producers lining up to get hold of him to do business with him, but he was even happier that he shared the look of Michael Jackson. Today, Sergio travels around the world and performs in a wide range of concerts, shows and dramas. His family and friends are thrilled for him and very proud of how hard he works toward his goals.

Sergio Cortes is going to take every bit of opportunity that is available to him as a Michael Jackson impersonator. He likes to continue this gig as a full-time career as long as he is getting the attention in the industry. For many people who have been Michael Jackson’s fans, it is a dream comes true. They are now able to see him alive. Does it happen to other impersonators around the world? They may wish that that is the case, but the reality is that it takes a lot of effort and luck to be as popular as Sergio Cortes. With an unemployment level twice as high in the general population, it is hard to find a sound job in this field. A quarter of impersonators are unemployed meaning they need to be really talented and have the right contact to make big in this field. Luckily, Sergio Cortes is one such impersonator who has emerged successfully.

Sergio Cortes had a wonderfully strong-sounding mother who urged him to become an impersonator of Michael Jackson because he looked and acted just like him. He was in the midst of studies when he got offers for TV shows. Sergio asked himself if it was worthwhile for him to take the offer even if it meant being away from his home. Since then, he has never looked back and loves what he does. Working this job isn’t only about money for Sergio Cortes. It is also abut fulfillment. It is surprising considering how many people have tried this role and how many time and resources they have spent trying to be come successful. The efforts that Sergio Cortes put forth paid off because he was naturally talented and his odds of winning, given his penchant for music and dance, were high. Here was a situation for him where his dream didn’t clash with his lifestyle. His passion for Michael Jackson’s music didn’t tie him down to one location – just the way he wanted to be. He is now known in many countries in Europe, Asia and America. Sergio Cortes has an enormous fan base on social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter as well. In essence, he is the best Michael Jackson impersonator.