The New Hampshire Insurance Company has been taken to court by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. They insurance firm stands accused of a breach of contract according to the GM Danny Ferry. Previously, AHBE was in control of the Hawks basketball team. The filed motion was, however, categorical that the prosecution had no qualms with the current management board over on the basketball team.

AIG Acted in Bad Faith

The motion was received by the Superior Court of Fulton County on the 13th of September 2015. According to the prosecution, AIG conducted themselves in a grossly unprofessional manner and as such it ought to fess up and pay up. They stand accused of walking out of their binding contract which was supposed to protect them from certain acts, for instance, wrongful termination, and workplace-related torts.

The Atlanta Hawks under New Ownership

MD’s Ferry tenure and helm came to an abrupt end on the 22nd June of 2015 after six years. They had signed a contract worth $18 million before Ressler’s firm took over. The spokesperson for the Atlanta Hawks organization refused to comment on the matter. AIG faces two charges: One is for refusing to acknowledge the claim made by AHBE, and the other is for failing to recognize the commencement of the insurance policy. The attorneys for the former management team led by James J. Leonard noted that the lawsuit sought to receive a 50% compensation for their grievances.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce is the co-founder of Atlanta Hawks LLC (formerly Atlanta Spirit LLC). He used to own the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He has been an NBA Governors since 2004. He sits on the board of IT-firm TechTarget which he also helped to co-found. In 1977, he and Ed Peskowitz started United Communications Group (UCG). The company specializes in journalism, technology, banking and other industries.

Bruce Levenson grew up in Maryland, and he graduated from the Washington University in St. Louis. He did his law degree at American University. He had a short stint working for the Washington Star. This Forbes listed billionaire is also passionate about charity work and philanthropy.

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