As of May 27th, news outlets the world over were abuzz with the news of SHARP and QNET’s strategic partnership. I think, when you get right down to it, that all partnerships are of a strategic kind one way or another, the difference between the strategies stem from approach. Why has the partnership been made – to what end? And what will be the result? In this case, SHARP has decided to bring their innovative Plasma Cluster Air Purifier to QNET because of the voracious expansion this organization is currently in the midst of.

Among health and wellness products, QNET can boast 18 years’ experience as an industry leader. Though the company is based in Hong Kong, they’ve since expanded to a bevy of countries which include Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and more. With an influence in multi-level marketing platforms across such a variety of nations, there is security in QNET‘s foundations. Should one territory lose economy, there are other territories which can yet sustain direct-selling approaches. Furthermore, QNET’s focus on products which increase wellness and health – things that foster beatification and easy living cleanly and sustainably – matches ideally with SHARP’s own mission when it comes to technological development and progress.

The last thing I think is important to remember when one considers QNET is the corporate culture of recognition which surrounds the organization. As a multi-level marketing platform, there are many hitting the streets and spreading the good word regarding QNET products. This can be a difficult, though lucrative, enterprise, and so QNET makes sure to recognize those who are making a difference by spreading the influence of a direct-selling platform whose products are designed to better the environment, and those who must live in it.

Exciting things are on the horizon for QNET and SHARP. When products available to consumers aren’t just confetti, but actually better them psychologically and physically, there is a strong incentive for consumers to buy. It makes sense that QNET’s India division would call the online business community and shopping organization one of the “fastest-growing” and “largest” such organizations today. QNET’s reach extends to some of the most populated regions of the planet, and the services they extend offer an unprecedented opportunity for otherwise neglected individuals to utilize modern technological innovations. The benefits that come of this use aren’t tangential, but direct. QNET and SHARP’s merger portends good things.