Market America’s brand of entrepreneurship is called unfranchising. This is because although it shares a lot of similarities with franchising, there are also a lot of differences. It is similar because both are both systematized, standardized, state-of-the-art systems with all of the necessary tools provided. They are different because, unfranchises don’t have franchise fees, royalties, territorial restriction, and minimal startup expenses. Market America’s Unfranchisers earn income by offering products through the Web America Web Portal and maximizing these sales by partnering with others who are selling the same kind of product.

Marketing America provides individuals who sign up to get started with a detailed business plan and a customized Web Portal for this business. Market America will also provide the products, services, marketing materials, and handle the shipping and distribution. All of this allows the unfranchiser to focus primarily on the customer. If you wish, you can start as a part timer. Every year there are conferences on the international and local level to give further instruction to the unfranchisers and so that they can mingle with their peers. If you are an unfranchiser you will want to take advantage of this time that can help you build the momentum of your business.

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