Who Is OSI Industries

Do you get your meat from a meat market, deli, grocer, or retail food chain? Most likely you have ate products processed by OSI Industries Inc., a top food processing network headed by CEO, David McDonald and based in Aurora, Illinois. Their customers can trust their getting a diet that meets the demands of the strict guidelines set forth by the federal government. Their website offers full disclosure and gives you clear facts on where you food comes from and what’s in it. It is very important for individuals to know what is in their food and process their food with the top ingredients for the benefit of the general public.

What’s New With OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Industries has had a successful partnership with their Asian and United States since the beginning of their establishment. However, celebrating a 20 year presence in China was also an accomplishment. McDonald says, from these type o partnerships their is an international expansion in the works. He is looking forward to expanding his international partnership with Europe worth an estimated $8 million dollars. Europe also says, it will be a great opportunity to expand local business with one of the top food processing leaders in the industry. They will process their condiments, frozen poultry, and more from their major food processing facility.

Would you be interested in an unique job opportunity? OSI Industries allows their customers to conveniently choose from a selection of diverse employment around the world. They specialize in a work environment which allows their employees to get the best out of each day. You can apply for an employment opportunity clearly on their website. OSI Industries ensures their employees will be glad to come to work each day and contribute to safer food products and service around the world.

Their CEO has always been a key speaker on giving back to the communities they serve by donating to local charities, giving your time, or resources. He is always participating in the local events of the American Boys Scouts and has given time and money. It was also reported in a recent PRN Newswire financial magazine concerning a recent bid for a Tyson Chicago plant. They bid was successful and OSI was able to retain thousands of jobs. You’re invited to visit the OSI Industries Inc. website to learn more about their job opportunities, expansion, and more.

OSI Industries info: www.linkedin.com/jobs/osi-industries-jobs