Tananbaum works for Foresite Capital Management as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He has worked in many companies promoting healthcare like Amira Phamaceuticals, Jazz Phamaceuticals and Amerigroup. He once held a position at GelTex Phamaceuticals and Theravance.

Jim Tananbaum has a Master’s Degree from Harvard Medical School and another Masters from a business school: Harvard. He is a Bachelor of Science degree holder from Yale University. His experience and prowess in management is the reason why he serves on multiple advisory boards: Harvard and Yale Engineering School. More details can be found on Speakerpedia.

Dr. Molly He

Jim Tananbaum was excited to be able to add one more partner to Foresite Capital: Dr. Molly He. Her extensive expertise in genomics, leadership and drug development are an invaluable asset to the team according to Dr. Jim. Jim feels that Dr. He’s inclusion will help Foresite to grow and diversify its portfolio.

He worked at Illumina as a senior director of its scientific research. She was the company’s global protein expert responsible for innovation and improvements. Prior to working at Illumia she was leader of Pacific Biosciences protein science. Earlier, she worked, close to 10 years, in pharmaceuticals where her primary focus was designing antibody drugs targeting cancer and diseases targeting the immune system.

Molly has a Bachelor’s degree from Nankai University in biochemistry. From the University of California, she has s biophysics and protein Ph.D. She is the publisher of over 20 papers, holding patents in the next generation sequencing area. She also has patents in the area of personalized medicine.

He was quick to point out that Foresite’s reputation precedes it in investing in the most promising healthcare companies. She said that she was excited to have been able to join the company. She described the team as seasoned and dynamic. She feels the area of next-generation sequencing had the likelihood of being the catalyst to breakthrough new medication courtesy of research.

Foresite Capital

This is a capital provider to new healthcare leaders in the industry with disruptive products. It offers this assistance to healthcare institutions whether public or private. Disruptive services also get capital assistance from Foresite.

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